Monday, May 7, 2012

5 Things On My Radar This Week

5 Things

Sam Edelman studded heels ( I would probably hurt myself (or others!) in these but they are so damn cute!)

$175 -

Givenchy bath body ( Anything that makes my skin look tan and sparkly is so on my wish list!)

$49 -

Sharpie Fine-Tip Permanent Marker, 24-Pack Assorted Colors ( My love for Sharpies has no boundaries-LOVE that is is an 80's theme collecton!)

$19 - A Thought A Day: Five Year Journal (Diary, Notebook)...( I bought my Mom this book and then she bought one for me. It is the perfect way to journal without having to take up too much time.)

$15 -

Mid Rise Skinny Leg ( If these are as good as I hear, they may be a miracle jean!)


1 comment:

ola said...

love those sparkle shoes. uh. heaven.
If you have some time and would like, come by and see my blog. :)
I'm having a fab giveaway too!