Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Perfume I Bought

I had heard so much hype about this LOVE COCO Eau de Parfum by HONORE DES PRES that my curiosity totally took over. From the description it sounded like my perfect scent with all of its vanilla bourbon and coco notes.
When the packaged arrived, I ripped it open and immediately sprayed my wrist. In that single moment, my heart sunk. "EWWWW"...was my first impression. I believe it is because of the coriander, but something in that top note I did not like.
Then came the little perfume miracle, after that initial note faded (within 2 seconds) what was left was the most scrumptous scent I have ever owned. If I could bath in it and not completely offend all those around me, I would.


TO BUY ($98) Space.NK.


Jen said...

Is it a musky perfume? Or more spice-like? Also, have you seen it in the stores anywhere? It sounds so promising, but I don't like most perfumes, so I'd like to test it before buying. Thanks!

The Glass Closet said...

I would say (after the initial note wears off) it is VERY soft and more coconut/vanilla than musky.

I always ask a store's customer service to send me a sample if I am unsure, they usually will for a small fee. :)