Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Guest MALE Blogger- Kevin (Los Angeles, CA)

Here at The Glass Closet we are always open to hearing what it is people find stylish and noteworthy. What makes this guest post even more exciting is that it comes from a guy's point of view. We have decided that it would be quite interesting from time to time to do feature posts and picks from a male perspective. So definitely get ready for more of these in the future.

Let's hear what Kevin has to say....

I went on your website and greatly enjoyed some of your selections so much that I referred my wife to this gem of a blog. So, first off thank you for pointing out some truths to women's fashion. For the most part, I agree with your taste. I think some of your items appeal more to women than to the audience of the opposite sex. That said, I felt it only right to provide a little insight into what a man might like to see draped on a woman or, better yet, cause him to take a second glance:

This cardigan provides a comfortable elegance that can either be dumbed-down with jeans or cleaned up with slacks. Either way, it's appeal is generated by how it hangs on a woman's body.....mysterious enough to spark men's curiosity by allowing just a peak at the curves beneath.

What can I say, I love the cardigan style. This is definitely a casual cardigan but, with the material and color I couldn't pass it up. This is a cool, Saturday morning coffee or afternoon errands in jeans and a tight white tee underneath. This top gives the girl the three C's (casual, confident, and comfy).

Oh, these pumps are just plain sexy......or put differently.....a plain sexiness. From the sharp stylish heal to the leather blend of suede and patent. This is an item that provides wardrobe flexibility with the colors and design. Jeans or dress, my eyes would be drawn to the simple complexities of this little shoe. I've never met "Amelie" but, something says she's a practical girl with an understated style.

Diesel Maqqui' Boyfriend Cardigan ($150) Nordstroms

Donna Karan Collection 'The Cashmere Collection' Drape Front Cardigan ($895) Nordstroms

Via Spiga 'Amelie' Pump ($215) Nordstroms

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