Monday, August 17, 2009

Jewelry Line I Am Loving- Jennifer Tuton

I was at an event the other night and had the distinct pleasure of meeting Jennifer Tuton in person as well as seeing quite a bit of her collection. I already owned a couple pairs of her earrings and have been a fan ever since I was first introduced but wasn't quite prepared for how hard it was to walk away from the display table without snatching up all of her pieces. Her line has an amazing mix of silver, gold and gemstones that will fit just about any occasion.

You can check out her collection on her website
You can't purchase directly from the website but it does give you a list of several online stores as well as brick and mortar stores that sell her line.

I have pictured some of my favorite pieces above.


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Emily said...

I *LOVE* the turquoise necklace - in fact, I just bought something similar for the girls in the LVCmag office. They loved them. I find that turquoise goes with so much stuff...even if you aren't wearing the color. It pops on black, that's my favorite!!