Monday, August 24, 2009

Build An Outfit- Old And New

Most of the time, it just takes adding a few new pieces to your Fall wardrobe to make your looks fresh and new. This year, a lot that was old is new again which makes it that much easier to stay fashionably afloat. The Glass Closet wants to start a new feature where we help you build new outfits out of a mix of things you most likely have in your fashion arsenal, while adding a few new pieces.

Most of us already have a basic tee and a pair of black leggings.

If you add a boyfriend blazer and booties(both of which are hot this season) you completely re-vamp the leggings look of last season. Remember, for those trendier pieces, always look at less expensive stores since the odds of these pieces going out of style before you can wear them a handful of times is pretty good.

Boyfriend Blazer ($48) Urban Outfitters
Black Legging($24) Urban Outfitters

Pocket Tee ($28) Urban Outfitters

Booties($179) Zappos

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