Sunday, April 19, 2009

Custom Made

Many years ago I had a pair of sandals that were my absolute favorite piece in my wardrobe. I wore those sandals day after days for two years before I had to give them a proper burial. (mainly due to me walking through water in them even though I wasn't supposed to) I had COMPLETELY forgotten about them until I was reading this months Lucky magazine and they did a blurb about the creator of the aforementioned sandals. After reading the article , I knew I was destined to own another pair.

Michael Mahnensmith is a sandal maker out of Maui and custom makes the perfect pair of Grecian sandals made to order. In order to get a pair made, you must do a drawing of your feet and mail in the drawings. From there, it takes about 6 weeks for your sandals to arrive. Sandals come in both men's and women's styles.

TO ORDER ( $165) Island Sandals

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