Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another One Of My Favorite Products

When it comes to home fragrance I have tried just about every product out there. Most reed diffusers I have tried smell great for a day but after a few days have completely lost their scent. I really thought reed diffuser were a waste of cash until I came across the Archipelago Botanicals Papaya Vanilla Signature Series Reed Diffuser. First off, the smell takes you to a tropical island filled with fruity drinks, but beyond that the fabulous small lasts forever. Nice reed diffusers tend to be fairly expensive but my Mon just gave me a heads up on this site that tends to have some of the best prices out there. If you like a great fruity smell, you'll love this.

TO BUY ($35) beautyexclusives

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Gerri Ward said...

What a great find, I luv fruity home fragrances I can't wait to try the Papaya Vanilla ! - This is solely a cool blog - I luv it!