Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fave Beauty Product

I know a lot of you have been requesting more beauty posts..so here we go....

My one "Can Not Live Without Product" is Bliss's Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Face Mask. I keep in in the shower and use it while I condition my hair. This product does the best job of a facial pick me up out of any other product I have tried..( and I have tried A LOT). Here are some of the benefits:
•oxygenates and energizes the skin for maximum glow
•brightens skin tone and supports collagen maintence
•binds moisture for soft, supple, youthful skin
•detoxifies the skin, preventing future breakouts

TO BUY ($55) Bliss

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Opé - Style Artist said...

Sounds heavenly.... I'm off to see about this.